The policy refers to the ships managed by CAYELI SHIPPING LTD. hereinafter called the “Company”. The Company, conscious of its responsibilities in this field, pledges its commitment to safety and environmental protection.
The Company establishes that all operations carried out by its personnel, both ashore and on board, will emphasize its commitment to the following objectives, in order of priority:
1. Prevent physical injury and loss of life;
2. Protect the environment, the marine in particular;
3. Maintain the technical and operational efficiency of the vessels at the highest possible level;
4. Protect vessels and crew against illegal practices;
5. Operate the vessels and transport the cargo safely and efficiently.
The Company requires that whenever a conflict arises between commercial or economic motives and the above points, the Master shall always decide by giving priority to the latter in accordance with the above established order.
To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Company shall provide the necessary resources and qualified personnel, defining its organization, identifying specific tasks and responsibilities, establishing training requirements and coordinating all the tasks in order to:
• Ensure the safe operation of the vessels and protection of the environment in compliance with the applicable national and international rules and regulations;
• Establish safeguards against all identified risks;
• Constantly improve the technical and operational training of the personnel both on board and ashore;
• Maintain the highest maintenance standards on all managed vessels;
• Always be ready, both ashore and on board, to deal with emergency situations;
• Apply, whenever and as appropriate, industrial standards.

The Company shall inform all the personnel of their specific duties and shall require their commitment to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.
However, for what concerns the operation of the ships, it is understood that on board the Master has the overriding authority to act or give the necessary orders for the protection of human life, for the safety of the ship and for the protection of the environment, whether these are in agreement or not with the procedures and instructions provided by the Company. (Master’s overriding authority)
The Master is also responsible for immediately reporting to the Company any accident or non-conformity which may affect the safety of the personnel or of the ship or which may pollute the environment. Adequate personnel and means of communication are provided for this purpose. The effective implementation of the Company’s policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure both that the objectives are achieved and that the procedures and instructions are suitable and effective.

GENERAL MANAGER / 28.03.2018