CAYELI SHIPPING LTD. (Hereinafter called the “Company”), conscious of its responsibilities in this field, pledges its commitment to environmental protection. Company, has already accepted its own responsibility to show all efforts for preventing the pollution of Air, Marines, Rivers and Water lakes. All Crew on board, should adapt to the rules of international and national conventions for Garbage Pollution and International Convetions for Shipboard Oil Pollution Prevention.

The company’s environmental policy is to prevent the environment being damaged, in particular due to sea transportation. In this respect, we are committed to continual improvement in environmentally sound performance and pollution prevention. The Company is going to carry out the effective planning and crew trainings to ensure performing of Environment Pollution Prevention Applications and Activities effectively and by knowing the responsibilities. Company will positively evaluate and take into account, advising for revision of Prevention of Environment Pollution, procedures and the instructions by crew onboard.

The followings are committed in order to reach related goals:
• Follow existing national and international legislation.
• Environmentally orientated training for both ship-based and shore-based employees
• To keep our employees on board and ashore currently updated regarding the environmental regulations considering sea transportation.
• Never throwing anything overboard except for food waste.
• Seek to use environmentally friendly anti-fouling.
• Immediately informing the national authorities in case of accidents which may lead to pollution of the environment
• Optimize the use of separate ballast tanks.
• Ensuring that anti-pollution materials are always nearby bunkering and when loading-unloading (if necessary)
• Seek to reuse, recycle and recover waste when possible.
• Try to influence suppliers and contractors to operate within environmental standards that are not in conflict with our policies.
The Company shall inform all the personnel of their specific duties and shall require their commitment to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.
However, for what concerns the operation of the ships, it is understood that on board the Master has the overriding authority to act or give the necessary orders for the protection of human life, for the safety of the ship and for the protection of the environment, whether these are in agreement or not with the procedures and instructions provided by the Company (Master’s overriding authority).
Shipboard Oil Pllution Prevention Emergency Plan (SOPEP) for each ship, is developed to help crew onboard for stopping or reducing the pollution that comes unexpected situations

GENERAL MANAGER / 28.03.2018