As per. (CAYELI SHIPPING LTD. Hereinafter called the “Company”) quality policy the main basic point is, to reach the top quality level enabling to compete with other companies. Therefore, company updates its records and raises and maintains the services under ISM conditions. There are some items which shows the purpose of the company to achieve.

• Customer Satisfaction
• Researching and Developing
• That planning and error prevention are important areas within the quality system.
• Efficiency with operation, environment and company
• That work is carried out continously to improve quality standards
• That all emplyoees are familiar with their individual jobs quality requirments
• That all emplyoees report all deviations in quality regardless of their cause.
• That controls are carried out to ensure that our environmental protection policy is fulfiled.

To meet the above-mentioned objectives, it is essential that the company in particular the chartering department, is constantly informed of the customer’s needs and expectations.

Quality can be defined as the degree to which the customer’s expectations are fulfilled. The degree of need fulfilment can be drawn up as a bar chart illustrating the ratio of the need expressed to the need fulfilled.

The company will do its best to ensure that the customer receives the highest possible level of need fulfilment.

These goals are to be achieved through the company’s declared objectives;

• Must be kind and polite plus rendering good service to everyone.
• Vessels must be well maintained
• Vessels’ cargo holds must be ready for the cargo.
• Be conscious of the environment
• Maintain the safe operation and vessel

GENERAL MANAGER / 28.03.2018