The company’s safety policy is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses among the company’s employees. This aim is to be achieved by ensuring:

• That working conditions are totally secure as regards health and safety.
• That dangerous chemicals and materials are used only in accordance with procedures and methods that effectively protect employees against accidents and illness.
• That all employees have received proper instruction in safety procedures.
• That the established safe limits for exposure to, for example, noise, cold, dust and steam are followed.
• That machines, tools and other technical aids are in good working order and used in a sensible manner as regards health and safety.
• That safety shoes are always worn for work on deck.
• That safety helmets are always worn outside accommodation and engine room.
• That during loading- discharging procedures, personal safety equipment is always properly used on board.
• That safety meetings are held regularly.

GENERAL MANAGER / 28.03.2018