CAYELI SHIPPING LTD. (Hereinafter called the “Company”) is specialised in the management of chemical and product tankers where highly trained staff is needed for the safe operation of the ships. The Company believes that both the ship and office personnel need to be trained in accordance with the regulations and continuosly developing technology.

The Company is well aware of the fact that having the required certificates and licenses does NOT necessarily mean that the person is suitable for the position mentioned in his license. Provided that the person has been found in compliance with the company manning policy, he is given a complete training prior to joining the vessel and then this training is supported by the basic and specific training given on board. The training at the office on the safety management system of the Company also forms a part of the specific training of the seaman.

The Company is very eager to follow the new regulations governing the dry / general cargo shipping business and provide training to its staff accordingly. It is a part of the Company’s policy that publications giving information regarding the developments in dry / general cargo shipping are received regularly by the office.

The Company encourages its office staff to visit the vessels and give refreshing training lectures. The Company even requires its office to staff and the Master of the vessel to give training programs beyond the minimum requirements should they deem necessary.

The Company believes that only highly trained personnel can be aware of the environmental safety. The Company strictly requires its personnel to follow the Company Environmental and Safety Policy.

In simple words the Company aims no accidents, no pollution and no injury by implementing this policy.

The effective implementation of the policy is regularly reviewed to make sure that the objectives are achieved and the procedures are effective and suitable.

GENERAL MANAGER / 28.03.2018